San Miguel

On my way back from San Diego, after successfully procuring a new proper-sized tire, I spent a few days at a surf beach called San Miguel. This was a popular hangout of Jim Morrison who used to drink cocktails at the bar on top of the cliff (it’s still the only one here) and watch the surfers. Jack Kerouc and my boy Neal Cassady were also known to play poker here and undoubtedly cause some mischief. The girl I was supposed to stay with had actually sent me an unsolicited invitation on Couchsurfing. She had just created her profile and when I arrived, I’m not entirely sure she understood what it all entailed. She seemed surprised and bewildered when I showed up at her door. I played nice, talked about travelling and volunteering and before long, despite the language barrier, she began to open up and offered to make a salad. Her house was super cool. About 100 meters to the water; the common space had a high gabled roof and a brick fireplace. There were surfboards lining one wall and Buddhist paraphernalia scattered about.

Apparently Nyrai had made plans to visit Bahia Los Angeles on the Sea of Cortez for the weekend to snorkel with Whale Sharks. I must have made a good impression or the Couchsurfing concept was beginning to sink in because she offered that I could stay unaccompanied through the weekend. I was stoked because it was such a peaceful setting and I was in need of some alone time after couching with so many hosts over the past month. I spent an amazing few days just doing yoga, updating my journal, practicing Spanish. I’d wander around and chat with the neighbours;  a mixture of Mexicans and old American surfers. Sat on the beach and watched surfers glide across the glistening breakers.  I bought some groceries and figured out how cheap I could live in Mexico by preparing my own food. Although the Frontera is probably slightly more expensive than most areas of Mexico, with the exception of the big cities, groceries are approximately 2/3 rds the price in Canada. Although tacos at 10-15 pesos aren’t going to break the bank either. Here’s a great link I found cataloguing the different taco varieties.



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