Volunteer Opportunities

Permaculture Farm of Maurico and Gloria                                                   -La Libertad, El Salvador


A permaculture farm run on the property of an old El Salvadorean mansion outside San Salvador. It is a refuge for local teenagers who want to learn about self-subsistence farming.


Long Way Home                                                                                                              -Comalapa, Guatemala

Long Way HomeLong Way Home is a non-profit organization that uses sustainable design and materials to construct self-sufficient schools that promote education, employment and environmental stewardship. http://www.lwhome.org/


Niños del Lago                                                                                                                   -Panajachel, Guatemala

Ninos Del LagoProviding hope and opportunity to vulnerable Guatemalan children through an educational wilderness camp. On a 6 acre property overlooking Lake Atitlan, Niños del Lago provides an ongoing, educational camping experience through a unique mentoring and mindfulness program.  www.ninosdellago.org/


Mayan Families                                                                                                                -Panajachel, Guatemala

Mayan Families

Mayan Families provides opportunities and assistance to the indigenous and impoverished people of Guatemala through education and community development programs. They provide education and scholarships, micro-loans, and classroom construction for local people around Lake Atitlan. They also run a sewing cooperative and carpentry shop teaching vocational skills.  http://www.mayanfamilies.org

Casita Linda                                                                                                                        -San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


MISSION: to create a dignified, safe and empowering environment that will provide a foundation of hope for families living in extreme poverty.

HISTORY: Casita Linda is a Mexican non-profit in San Miguel de Allende, in the State of Guanajuato, Mexico. In 1999 San Miguel suffered a particularly harsh winter. The unusual freezing temperatures of this winter caused several deaths in the municipality because of the extraordinarily difficult living conditions in which many rural families found themselves. The founders and those who work with Casita Linda are a wonderful team of foreigners and Mexicans working together to create hope for impoverished local families. Donations from people around the world make Casita Linda possible. In the years since Casita Linda’s founding, we have learned that a safe and secure home fulfills a very basic family need. Simple stoves for making meals, ready water for washing and laundering, basic things most of us take for granted, can change lives. Suddenly, there are fewer hardships, a brighter day, and renewed optimism that the future will be different and that anything is possible.                                                          http://casitalinda.org/en/

Investours                                                                                                                          -Bucerias, Mexico


Investours is a non-profit organization working to combine the power of microfinance with the power of tourism to fight poverty. They use the financial and political power of tourism to provide small, interest-free loans to enable entrepreneurs to build their businesses—and, in doing so, to secure economic and social gains for themselves and their families. Furthermore, it provides an experience like none other for socially responsible travelers to learn and invest in the development of culturally rich communities in developing countries.

Tierra Luz                                                                                                                             -Sayulita, Mexico

Tierra LuzMaybe you’d like to live in paradise, out of the grind of the mainstream and do so with innovative and traditional technologies that enable us to live more lightly on the land.   Tierra Luz is an eco-community with parcels for sale where residents utilize solar electricity, graywater systems, natural building, solar hot water heating, composting toilets, rain water collection,  as well as organic gardening, and permaculture.    http://www.tierraluz.org/

Raices y Brazos                                                                                                                 -San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

Raices y Brasos

Raices y Brazos, meaning “roots and arms / branches”, is an integral community and wellness center. The name encompasses the intention of connecting the heavens and the earth, seeking balance, and rooting in the local community while branching out to the greater global community…

We are here to inspire collective growth, change, consciousness, creativity and evolution. to come together and communicate, learn from each other with understanding, compassion, kindness and peace… We support no dogma, we are what you see and you see as you are, we are here as a dynamic living organism assisting in the universal process of evolution and self realization… feedback loops to infinity and spirit guides the way as we dance the cosmic dance.

Areas of Exploration Include: Art, Music, Yoga, Dance, Healing, Spirit, Ecology, Activism, Education, Organizing and Community Building…

La Semilla: Regenerative Living & Ecology Center opens its arms to volunteers as an opportunity to share and receive in our effort to support sustainability education and initiatives within the world community. The Volunteer Exchange program at La Semilla is an opportunity to join a new and growing community in its first years of developing a holistic vision for living, demonstrating and teaching what it means to live & work in a “regenerative” manner on our planet. http://raicesybrazos.com/

The Farm of Arne & Joy Preece  
-Idaho Falls, USA

Just south of Idaho Falls, Idaho, the Preece farm openly excepts couchsurfers or travellers who wish to experience farm life. They have goats, sheep, chickens, and bees as well as vegetable crops and fruit trees.

Save the Children – Bolivia

Once a part of the ancient Incan Empire, Bolivia still bears the legacy of its history. When the Spanish conquered the Incas in the 16th century, Bolivia’s Indian population was reduced to slavery, setting the stage for the vast economic inequality that still continues today – indigenous groups that make up 85 percent of the population live in poverty. The western highlands of this landlocked country include the Altiplano, a great plateau where almost half the population lives. Long one of the least-developed Latin American countries, Bolivia’s economic position has improved in recent years as a result of increasing mineral prices and the development of natural gas resources.  However, it was ranked 117th out of 177 countries in the world in the 2007/08 Human Development Index and there is still a great economic divide between indigenous and non-indigenous populations.

One World Foundation

The OneWorld network is governed by the OneWorld International Foundation (OWIF), the guardian of OneWorld’s vision – of a world where resources are shared fairly and sustainably, where human rights are nurtured and protected, and where democratic governance structures enable people to shape their own lives. OneWorld is dedicated to working with others to bring about this vision.


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